Chlorine vs Salt: How Should I Sanitize My Pool?

Chlorination is used to kill the bacteria, algae and other microorganisms that may be in your water. Then, the filter removes them to help keep your pool and/or spa water clean and clear. Nobody wants to swim in a pool with green funky smelling water, so sanitation is a necessary process when you own a […]


What Type of Pool Cover Works Best for You?

Trying to figure out what type of cover would work best for you and your price point can be difficult. Covers are important for all pools, especially through the fall and winter to ensure leaves and other debris stay out of the pool during those months. There are no right or wrong covers, just what […]


3 Alternatives to Concrete for Your New Patio

concrete patio service

Looking to change things up around the house? Trying to figure out what additions or remodeling projects could add the most to your quality of life? There are plenty of modern, effective materials to consider for your new patio instead of concrete. Let’s take a look at how patios made of natural stone, pavers, or […]


Why Should I Have a Patio Installed?

concrete pavers

If you’re wondering about how you can improve your home, a patio is a great way to start. Patios and decks have continued to gain popularity with American homeowners for many reasons. Here are some reasons why you should look into your local concrete pavers for the upgrade. Increase Usable Square Footage Interested in increasing […]


Why You Should Customize a Pool With a Heater

inground swimming pool

A brand new inground swimming pool is a beautiful addition to any household. A pool instantly ups your home’s value and gives you a relaxing space to spend your evenings. If you’ve decided to add a pool, consider the benefits of investing in a pool heater also. Water Temperature We all know what it feels […]


4 Benefits of Getting a Pool Installed in Your Backyard

best pools

Getting a pool in your backyard offers one excellent benefit after another. Today, more families than ever are investing in the best pools. According to The Business Research Company, the pool market is projected to reach $3.6 billion by 2027. Here are a few reasons why many Americans are interested in having the best pools.


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