A brand new inground swimming pool is a beautiful addition to any household. A pool instantly ups your home’s value and gives you a relaxing space to spend your evenings. If you’ve decided to add a pool, consider the benefits of investing in a pool heater also.

Water Temperature

We all know what it feels like to dive head-first into an ice-cold pool. While this might be refreshing on a hot summer day, sometimes the temperature is too cold. Investing in an energy-efficient water heater is a great way to ensure your pool is always at a comfortable temperature. This is especially important if you have small children who want to enjoy the pool but aren’t ready for the cold water.

Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons homeowners are hesitant about this upgrade is because it costs money to run a pool heater. It’s true that you have to pay for the energy used, but there are plenty of energy-efficient models on the market. For example, electric heat pump pool heaters are energy efficient and currently many electric companies are offering rebates for them. According to Aquark, over 40% of pool owners opt for energy-efficient solutions. You can easily enjoy heating an inground swimming pool without spending a fortune.

More Swimming

A heater extends the swimming season by allowing someone to open their pool in early Spring and keep it open through late Autumn. You’ll be able to relax in front of the jets after a long workout even in the Spring and Fall. Get the entire family together for a pool party during the chilly autumn days. Open your pool up again during the Spring even while others are having to wait till Summer. The possibilities are endless!

Health Benefits

Just like a spa or a warm bath, a heated pool can help relieve muscle tension and soreness and decrease depression and anxiety. Furthermore, since it increases your swimming season it also increases the time you have to do low impact water exercises which use water resistance to help increase mobility, strength, and circulation without stressing your joints.

Customizing your inground swimming pool with a pool heater is a great way to enjoy your pool from early Spring to late Fall. A heated pool also increases your property value. Contact us today to learn more about how you can heat your pool!

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